I was looking forward to this all week! Could not wait to pack my bag and head out east with my girl Tessa!

We stayed at Rushmeyers in Montauk Friday-Sunday and had an absolute blast!

We had both lunch and dinner at Montauk yacht club!

This is my Swedish girlfriend Tessa, we met pretty recently but we have really connected and I have so much fun with her!!!!

We were invited to a friends boat and it was def the highlight of our weekend! It started to rain so we never left the dock...

The weather was nice today again so we spent few hours on the beach. The water was perfect in temperature and Cash enjoyed every second of it!

Don't miss the VLOG here below from this weekend! I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes up now. Tomorrow is a busy day for me in Connecticut and another week begins. Next weekend is Independence day and Tessa and I will do something fun again! I am extra excited for this week because a new opportunity has popped up on my horizon. I am most likely going to invest in a new business. I am all about passive income that generates $ for me while I am focusing on our tequila. Very exciting...will tell you more when it is done and I can share more about the new company that I will own a piece of.