I just had my hair done this morning and I am very happy with the result! Everyone in my family (especially my mom and brothers) have opinions about my make-up and hair. It drives me NUTS! They think I should always be all natural, never do any make-up and def not use hair extensions. I am soo tired to get criticized about it and I would like to put this argument to rest. So let me explain why I use extensions!
I have been bleaching my hair with highlights since I was 14 years old. And last year I decided to go dark and color it dark brown. It was a phase because I was bored. That soon turned orange and I wanted to go back blonder again. Now this is when things went really wrong and A LOT of my own hair broke. It is very damaged and I am growing my own hair and color back out. So one thing that really takes a toll on my hair is heat. Curling irons and straighteners. So when I have only my own hair I need to wash and style it every single day because the curls don't last more than a day. Max. But when I add some tape extensions I only need to do my hair once/week and my own hair can rest and recover. The extensions does not mess with my ow hair at all, it actually helps to strengthen my own!

I am posting this in hopes I won't hear complaints about my hair when I go home LOL And I like myself this way better, and my make-up is not going anywhere either:-) CHEERS!



It's smart to put the family & friends on notice, to at least stay hair-neutral in their opinions, haha. I really like your style, length and coloring, it complements your overall beauty very well.