It was a very beautiful service for Donny with lots of speeches and a mixture of laughter and tears. This was the first time I experienced a funeral in America and it was also the first time I have seen an open casket. I was nervous but it was beautiful. He looked so different though... So small and sunken in... I can not stop thinking of him and the funeral. It really hit me hard. Donny was only couple of years older than me. Cancer is so scary and I feel like I hear about someone diagnosed with cancer way too often. I have never seen a funeral with that many people. My guesstimation is that we were about 600-700 people there for Donny. Very touching and emotional.

But I have to say the funeral also gave me a reminder of how fragile life is. I am now in an even more "YOLO" state of mind and have an even bigger appetite for life and adventures!