Fresh air

I did dress a bit too cold for this but I got the heat up after running for a while! 2 of my brothers, mom, 1 sister i law, nieces, nephes and dogs went for a family walk today on the top of the mountain where we grew up! I think we must have walked 5 kilmeters!

At one pont we reach the top where you can see our entire little town. Cash and Flow did not care much about the view, just focused on the ball LOL

You can see that Flow has a big bump on her belly. It is scar tissue from her surgery... She doesnt seem to be bothered about it at all...

This is "Petersburg" , the beautiful house we were all raised in!

On the way home we stopped in at my uncles house with some flowers, coffee and "semlor". I also brought him some scratch off lottery tickets but per usual no wins...

When I got home I was sooo cold, the open fire felt so good! There is nothing better than falling asleep in front of a fire like this. Got a really nice nap this afternoon and woke up warm again!