I have been out of function for a couple of days. The last day in Sweden was spent at my brother Totte's house. Him and his girlfriend Iwona invited us for dinner + drinks. Per doctors orders I have stopped taking all medications to see how my body functions and reacts without any helps from my pills. That was not a great idea... I got very very sick the day I was flying back home. Vomited on the way to the airport, vomited violently in the plane. Tried to drink some water, that came right back up. When we landed in NYC the crew was so worried about me and ordered me a wheelchair. The staff asked me several times if I had recently been to China, they thought I had the Corona LOL. I could barely walk. As they pushed me through immigration and the exact same moment I am talking to the officer, I start to vomit helplessly again. All over the wheelchair and all over the floor. It was so embarrassing and I could not stop crying out of pain, frustration and misery. My husband picked me up at the airport and the second I got in the car it started all over again.... I tried to eat something when I got home but my body rejected it right away. I am now back on medicine and am starting to feel like I am back to normal again....Finally!

My dad tried the airbrush tanning from Ida Warg, look at this result within 6 hours!

Cashie and I are settled back in New York now and we take a 5 km walk every morning. Life is going back to normal....