Easter in New York

Im back, it has been a while. Have not been feeling very joyful lately, no motivation, not that many laughters and def not been in the mood to capture myself in photos or videos. I hope I will feel less lonely soon and I hope this weird phase is just that. A phase.

I was invited to my girlfriends new summerhouse last weekend to celebrate easter, she has just bought her first house in The Hamptons and it was beautiful! She will have lots of fun decorating and getting the house ready for summer. Her name is Farzaneh and she is a very very impressive woman. She is a super successful doctor and we have known each other for 12+ years. We use to live in the same building, that is how we met. To me she has always been a mentor, friend and such a good influence on me. I am truly grateful to have this strong smart woman in my life. This time of the year 2020 she got Covid 19 and ended up in a coma for weeks. I could not believe it when it happened. She is very fit, healthy and takes really good care of herself. But she almost didn't make it through. She almost died.

Thank God she woke up and was able to find strength again. She had to learn how to walk again, it was a long time coming with rehabilitation. When she eventually recovered she went right back to work to help other fights the virus. How fantastic isn't that? I am so proud of her! Such a role model in so many ways!

I made a short video for easter, my plan was to make it longer but like I said. I am not really feeling great so I only share a piece of me right now....