Dinner in Söderköping

I invited my brothers + families and a few friends for dinner in my hometown this week. We went to A Cafeet by the canal. Food is amazing there!

My brother Magnus

Super sweet Nicoline who brought a gift for me!

We had such a good time but I have to say it is a bit backwards to me (with my American mindset) how a restaurant especially in the end of the season doesn't want to make as much $ as possible. We sat here until closing and wanted to stay a bit extra longer. I offered to buy another bottle of wine more drinks plus give them a heavy tip if we could just stay another 20 min. The staff kindly turned my offer down. This might be an example of American vs Swedish mindset. In NYC they want to do everything they can to earn more money and keep customers around. Either way, we had great service and such a fun time. Food here is fantastic! Can def recommend!