Date Night

Yesterday was our date night. I always try to set time aside and take a break from daily routines and focus on just us. Sometimes we feel like days turns in to weeks and weeks turn in to months. We very often do the same things over and over so therefore I planned a surprise night for us!

First stop, WIlliamsburg Hotel. We love this place in the summer and go their rooftop pool basically every week! I had a meeting here but my man does not mind tagging along when I work!

How cute is this little cat-cup? I love everything "instagrammable"!

When I was done with work we went to our first surprise stop. For the longest Tyrone has been wanting to go axe-throwing but I never really felt like it.

But then I said to myself..: I should do something new that my husband really wants to do and take the initiative! So here we are in Brooklyn at "Kick Axe Throwing" living it up!

While we were waiting for our turn we played some "Jenga", shared a pizza and had a drink. Swedish cider to be exact!

Happy man = Happy wife!

While we were having our fun Cashie was babysat by her "cousin" Lafayette! She was entertained to the fullest all night LOL

After axe throwing my plan was to go for a couples massage but T decided to save that for another day and go straight to dinner ( he is ALWAYS hungry). The Boil is a restaurant he has been talking about for more than a year now. I have been resistent to go because I am so busy with my Còdigo universe of restaurant but I made a reservation for us last night. Like I said...I wanted to go out of my way and do something HE wants! And oh my god, the food here was SOOOO GOOD!

This place reminds me of a swedish crayfish party! We had 4 lbs of crab legs!

Last stop of the night was spontaneous and on the way home. Tony, a friend of ours from St Louis called and invited us out for drinks so we met at Lou Lou and Cash joined in! Tony was with the coaches of ST Louis Blues hockey team. The offered us tickets for their game against Rangers today but unfortunately I had a full day of meetings and had to turn them down:-(