COVID land

These pictures was taken couple of days ago when I ran some errands in Manhattan. I learned yesterday that our lockdown has been extended to June 1st but I would not be surprised if it will last until 4th of July at least!

It is a very strange we world we have found ourselves in. Someone I knew very well died from Corona few days ago and colleague of my husband passed away today.....

Today I have been home for 5 weeks +1 day ( minus a couple of trips to Manhattan to drop off food long after I beat the virus). I am in between should I be super productive since I will not have this much time on my hands ever again OR should I be lazy and relax since I will never have this much time ever again? I switch it up and do both:-)

On the productive side I have spend some time taking care of our house, almost finished the backyard project (can't wait to show you guys) and started my new hobby- Youtube videos!!! I have so many idea for "vlogs" lined up but our city has to open back up for me to be able to film that....



It's great that you survived the infection and are doing well. I read that a Chinese researcher thinks that maybe New York has a deadlier strain of the virus than other parts of the country, and it seems like the numbers bear that out. There are several strains and it is mutating at least once a month now which complicates the vaccine development. Without immunity, I'm really worried about catching it. Your mask looks more comfortable than mine, I got two KN95 masks, the Chinese standard for the N95, and I had to wear it for three or four hours today and it's hard to breathe and exhale because of the five layers and tight fit, which is supposed to be the best barrier, but very uncomfortable for breathing and exhaling. If you have any creative uses for spaghetti it would be interesting cooking video, I bought a 20 lb. box today, haha. Aside from the marinara sauce and some kale-cheddar pesto, I'm not sure what to make, I sure hope the weather is good for a garden this year, the rain ruined the tomato plants last summer, and that's all I have to look forward to now, haha, homegrown tomatos are as good as it gets, especially with pasta.