We are not feeling well. At all. My husband was super sick for more than 7 days now and I just started to get worse myself. Entire body aches, I have shortness of breath, the air feel very thin. It is hard to explain how it feels. My hip bones hurts and headache does not go away. I also have the sniffles and feel feverish. Sensitivity to light, sound and touch.

My man went and got tested today. It will take 5-7 days before we get the results back but the doctor said it is a 99% chance he has it. If the test comes back positive I have it 100% as well. God forbid we do not but if we have it we have to stay inside our house for 3 more weeks. I will GO NUTS!

We stay busy with cooking, baking, watching TV/Movies and sleeping. Am trying to get some work done as much as possible from home but all bars and restaurants are closed so all I can do is touch base with all the liquor stores I deal with...

Last night I made honey+cinnamon fried bananas with dairy free ice cream. Delicious! Also added a blueberry waffle:-)

Today I made my first lasagna, it came out great! Just a bit runny but flavor was perfect! I wanted to make it with "beyond meat" plantbased meat but it was all sold out:-( So instead I made it with chicken!



I'm sorry you're unwell Lina, hopefully you will not be severely sick and can recover in the comfort of your home. I remember reading that orange beta-carotene rich vegetables are good for respiratory illness, like winter squash, pumpking, carrots, etc. I'm gonna make a pumpkin pie, and also garlic is very anti-viral and great to have a lot of. If you're up to making a video, it would be informative to hear your particular experience with the virus, it's weird how it affects everybody very differently with a wide range of effects. It is primarily a virus that attacks the lungs, so I'm focusing on whatever is good for the lungs and breathing, stay strong and I'll pray that you get well soon.