Countdown has begun

It is always an emotional time when my departure from Sweden is coming closer. Especially now in a pandemic, there is nothing to do in NYC and I just been through a very tough time. I have also (pretty much) decided that I will leave Cash in Sweden for a few months. We are planning to travel some and it is difficult for me to find dog sitters. So all this combined gives me a heavy heart. I am absorbing every minute here at home with my parents and trying to enjoy all the things I will miss.

But at the same token I am also looking forward to see my husband again! We have never been apart this long before and I am excited to have some fun with him. I am tired of wearing the same clothes here and can't wait to dive in to my closet!

Before I leave a have a meeting I am super excited about, could be a new project for me to work on and I will tell you as soon as it is a done deal!




Have a good trip, you are so beautiful Lina.