The hysteria is insane! I have basically not worried at all about this up until now but we are currently isolating ourselves at home.

My husband got really sick a couple of days ago and he has all the Corona symptoms. He went to the doctor and they tested him for Flu. That came back negative.

Since they are very limited he was not tested for Corona but the doctor advised us to be very careful, therefore we are staying in. Corona or not, we are not taking any chances. I am not worried about him and me having it because we are both young and healthy but I don't want to risk passing it on to someone who might not be able to fight it. But again, this might just be a regular fever and cough...I do not have any fever yet but I just don't feel great.. It is like I am just sitting here waiting to get real sick. I am very tired and feel like I have a cold and headache. We shall see how this develops...

So while locked in our house we are playing games, watching TV, Netflix and movies but we are running out of ideas what to watch!

Last night we saw the movie 21 bridges, it was pretty good! We started the series Peaky Blinders but I couldn't get into it...If you have any good shows or movies to see let me know!

We are cooking, making cheese plates and I stacked up on plenty fruits & snacks!

Last time I went to the supermarket it was PACKED! There were no parking and people were filling up their carts over the top!

I feel very bad for all the small business effected by this virus. I didn't realize it was going to get this extreme! My mother was suppose to come visit us first week of April but it seems like she will not be able to travel. The plan was for her to bring Cash home to Sweden for the hot summer months and we have a trip to Jamaica booked. If we are still going to be able to go I have no dog sitter for Cashie for a week and that is a problem I am not sure how to solve...

I feel so bad for everyone who has underlying illness and is in the risk zone to die from Corona.

China has no animal abuse laws, torturing animals is LEGAL! How CRAZY is that!?? They eat rats, snakes, dogs and bats and THAT is the reason the rest of the world now suffers like this! DISGUSTING!!!!!! That is how I see it!