Closet full but nothing to wear

I am a in a phase now when I feel like nothing is really fun and I just feel...blahh about many things. Going out is not as much fun anymore, no motivation for the gym, am bored with my hair and I have a closet full of clothes but I can never find anything to wear. I am trying to slow down on consumption and me more mindful of environment so I am on all about using what I already have. I would love to have a stylist or some girlfriends to come over and help me put together new outfits of my selection because I always wear the same things... I live in my Spanx leggins!

The other day we went for brunch in the city. Started at Kyma and ended up at Philippe Downtown.

Tomorrow I have an all day in Long Island. I am actually doing some media/PR at radio stations and their social media to promote this Taco & Tequila festival I am a part of Sunday. Not sure what to expect but it sounds fun!



It's a huge environmental impact, I read recently that the fashion industry amounts to more greenhouse gas emissions than the airline industry and air travel, which was quite appalling. And it takes 2000 gallons of wate to make one pair of jeans. You have a beautiful style and look Lina! <3