Cinco de mayo

Usually I am out and about hosting events on May 5th since we are celebrating Mexicos independence day! Working with a tequila brand means this is a big day for us!

This year is clearly different and we have celebrate with a company cocktail house on zoom. I made a chocolate dalgona margarita!

Here is my recipe! (I don't measure at all and I only know centiliters and deciliters so you have to wing it lol)

  • I started by making a pretty thick chocolate sauce. Cocoa powder, sugar and boiling water.
  • Whip heavy cream and add some of the chocolate sauce
  • Pour almond/coconut milk in a glass over ice and add the rest of the chocolate sauce.
  • Add Còdigo 1530 reposado or anejo tequila.
  • Top with the chocolate whipped cream!

I will say this glass was a bit big, couldn't finish it all. My recommendation is that you use a smaller/shorter glass!


For dinner I picked up some Mexican food from "Dirty Taco" in Long Island. Cash and I took a road trip out there after getting my car an oil change!

I just took a hot shower and put my night cream on. Now I am tucked in under the blanket on the couch and will fall asleep to Netflix!

Thank you for checking in here, it means a lot to me!

Nite Nite