Best monday in a long time

We really enjoyed a long weekend together! It is so hard to get out of bed with these 2 but I got up extra early to make breakfast and go for a run.

I made a scrambled egg quesadilla with a greek pasta salad for T-bone. That yellow watermelon was delicious! With the yoghurt we had cocoa nibs, bee pollen, sliced almonds and chia seeds.

After breakfast we spent few hours working on our backyard. It is almost done and I really enjoy sitting out there!

We have a few strawberries finally!!

The last pieces missing are the bar, I am hoping to finish it next weekend and we are also buying a new grill. Everyone says Weber grills are the best but I never realized how expansive they are! The one we are buying is $1000 Isn't that a lot for a grill!??

Later that afternoon we were invited to friends house for some rooftop fun!