Back in New York!

It was a long trip back. 6 hour drive to Malmö, train to Copenhagen and lastly 8+ hours flight to NYC. I have to say that the staff at SAS are really impressive. My fear of flying is very real and this is the first time in years I flew without medication. They were very helpful and sweet to us. I was not able to sleep anything so it took me a good 3-4 days when I got home to get over the jet lag. I am settled in now though and this is what I have been up to my first days back home!

First stop hairdresser! My hair always turns yellow/orange and it drives me nuts!

I go to Aerea Salon on 21st street. They are experts on blonde hair and I trust them 1000% - I mean look at the difference!

dMy hair is finally strong and healthy again thanks to their expertise and my Bellami extensions. They have played a huge role in getting my hair back in shape!

It has been freezing temperatures here and I love it!!! I am trying to teach my husband that there are no bad weather - only bad gear ( it is a Swedish saying). Basically means dress appropriately for the weather and it won't bother you!

Some restaurants are open but there are only outdoor dining available. Everything closes by 10 pm. First stop was our fav fav place Lou Lou!!!

I dressed in skii clothes and stayed warm with hot french onion soup and hot cocoa!

We had a nor'easter blow in yesterday and it is still snowing today but the wind has calmed down. This pictures was taken few hours before the sky dumped 20 + inches of snow on us!

It is always chaos here when it snows. I don't understand why Americans don't prepare better!? First of all, why not use winter tires on the cars?? They all drive around on summer tires all year around. No wonder the traffic is a mess!!!




Your hair looks great Lina, I like your winter, warm apparel, gotta be prepared for the weather, have a great weekend <3