A real cake!

After a day of work in Long Island we invited a few friends over for BBQ and a real Swedish cake! Since I have been complaining about the American cakes I also want to make a super delicious merengue cake! It was a bit of an experiment and I added too much of the runny filling but other than that it came out perfect! 2 of the layers was chewy merengue and 1 layer graham cracker crush. I added a vanilla + rum heavy cream layer, sliced strawberries, whipped egg yolk+rum filling and a homemade strawberry puree filling. There was nothing left of the cake!

We finally got our bar-sign! I will add more photos of our bar this Friday!

We ended the night with S'mored in front of our fireplace. So cozy!



The original ads were about steak, but also, 'you can't fake cake'! Looks so good. I thought you might like this cool article, it's interesting that there were a few prophetic voices in the past that warned about problems and the future, I would include Don Henley also for sure, and now their art is coming to fruition and is good to remember and enjoy and heal hopefully https://www.pastemagazine.com/music/tracy-chapman/self-titled-album-appreciation/