A rainy sunday

Call me crazy but I love the rain. To me it is very relaxing and cozy! I had to run in to Manhattan real quick for a couple of errands and I took this picture in the intersection of Broadway and Houston. The city is almost spooky empty...

Couldn't help but to swing by Bon Bon, the Swedish candy store and refill my snack cabinet!

Per usual, we wen to the park so Cash could have some fun looking for squirrels and sniffing around. The rainy days are really the best. The forrest is so silent and there are no people disturbing us or complaining about Cash running off the leash. Very therapeutic for me and I truly enjoy these moments with her.

Soaking wet and cold after an hour in the park, grocery store next!

Cash really loves the water, as soon as I turn it on she jumps in! How cute is she!?

I enjoyed a self care Sunday and did a collagen mask, hair mask, facial and body scrub, I colored my eyebrows and used up the last bit of my fav Chanel moisture mask before we went to bed! Only thing missing is having my nails and feet done, hair and airbrush tanning:-)

My juice yesterday was the green kind.

  • Celery
  • Green apples
  • Kale
  • Pear