A night out in Stockholm

I can honestly say that I don't remember last time I felt this appreciated and missed. Truly blown away by how my friends are there for me, planned a night for us, host me and really make a huge effort to show us hospitality in Stockholm. I am born and raised in Sweden on the countryside and ever lived in Stockholm so I am a bit lost in our capital. Thankfully I have friends who make sure go we get reservations at the best places and are treated with VIP services! WOW! Big thank you to Madde who organized and hosted us in Stockholm. We all had a blast!

T and I stayed at our friends Dan's house. He is a photographer and he was kind enough to bring us to this place called "Target" where we got to shoot semi automatic guns! I am not into guns or shooting at all but am always down for an adventure.

It was fun but loud and a bit scary. I had a big adrenaline kick and felt completely drained and tired afterwards!

Dan was shooting marketing pictures for Target and both me and T ended up being models for the day. Completely unplanned LOL

After shooting we went back to Dan's house for a well needed nap and doll-up session to get ready for a night out! Dan is a very interesting character and he lives in a photo studio!

First stop "Strandbryggan" I really love this place!

Madde, Lina, Dan, T, Susanne (my cuz) and Leo

I have turned in to a drone-nerd and bring it everywhere!

Stop nr 2 Hallwyliska. My first time here and we really loved it! Actually let me say this... The ambiance and scenery is fantastic and the service was ON POINT! We had such a great time! Food was so so in my opinion and the drinks WAY over priced but I think that is just how it is all over Stockholm. It is actually not the price but the fact that they serve the drinks in a glass full of crushed ice and the liquid only up to half of the glass. If you pour out the ice there is only a small amount of cocktail on the bottom of the glass. or that you pay 140 SEK. I wish I took a picture of it but was too busy chatting and catching up with my friends:-)

During dinner Madde initiated a game for everybody to participate in. I am usually the queen of games lie this around the table but for once I was on the receiving end and totally loved it! Everyone had to tell the story on how we met and 3 words to describe me. To be very honest I needed to hear this to help my self esteem. It felt great to hear everyone say that I am a generous, caring, thoughtful, family oriented and beautiful girl. I am very harsh on myself and it felt good to hear my friends describe me from their point of view. I was emotionally touched!

For you who don't know me, I have a very very bad memory. Here is a good example.

So while we were sharing stories about escapades I have been a part of one of my girlfriends told me she came to NYC to celebrate her birthday. I had planned something extra fun for her and rented an ice-cream truck that we drove around Manhattan all night between restaurants and handed out ice-cream cones LOL! I have zero memory of this, that is how much I forget! And no, I was not that drunk, this was an early thing and we started completely sober. Therefore I love hearing stories from my friends because I forget so much!

I also have to say that most Swedes are boring! I LOVE to socialize and I am the opposite of shy but when you try to make people dance they get annoyed.

Years ago I was at Riche in Stockholm and decided to buy everyone in the restaurant a shot. A train of waiters came out with trays of shots and when every guest had a shot I stood up and said : CHEERS! Not a single person toasted with me and they all looked at me like I was an alien. That is a typical example of how weird Swedish people can be and how americanized I am (always been)


Thank you everybody who showed up and contributed to this night we never will forget!



Watered down drinks and no dancing?, C'mon Sweden, liven up a little, haha