A city in chaos

I haven't really been in the mood to write or do anything the past couple of days. I feel down and unmotivated. Just kind of sad, lonely and tired in general. Maybe it has to do with our current situation in NYC. I worry about Tyrone a lot. He is in the NYPD and is exposed to more danger than usual right now. These people in the streets are out for blood and it is crazy what we are experiencing. Our city is completely destroyed in certain areas. They storm police stations, break in to cars, tried to set our bridges on fire, break window, steal ATM machines, fight, flip cars, throw molotov cocktails and someone even got shot in SoHo this week. It looks like a war zone.

He was off for 2 days and we enjoyed the quality time together. Last night we had dinner in our backyard and made some S'mores for dessert. Actually my first time ever having S'mores!

I think we sat here for an hour just staring into the fire.... Very relaxing.

Today we were both back out at work and Cashie got a new Còdigo dress!

On the way home we picked up my absolute fav salad. I could easily eat this EVERY DAY! Watermelon, feta cheese, walnuts and rucola but it is the dressing that makes the entire dish! Little spicy- soooo good!!! I got it from Elea on w 85th street.

Can you believe we live in a world where it is illegal to go outside after 8 pm. I really hope this helps calm our streets down and to keep everyone safe...