A Brand New Yacht

My last meeting in CT yesterday turned out to be a perfect ending to an already great day! I was meeting with a restaurant and hotel owner and he invited me to do the tequila tasting on his brand new yacht! He had just got it from the factory 2 days ago! I don't remember the name of this boat but it was soooo nice! Cash and I really enjoyed ourselves.

We took a ride over to South Norwalk and had dinner + drinks at this rooftop.

It was a beautiful sunset and we sailed back home in the dark

Ended the night with some business accomplished and a tequila tasting!

I just want to end this post by saying how much I appreciate all my followers and readers who click in here to my blog. It is so much fun to me to document my life and everything I get to experience. First of all for myself, I enjoy going back in time to see what I did because I have such a bad memory and also because I know how much my family loves to follow me in my life here overseas. On top of that I love hearing from you on my social channels and I know I have inspired a few people by sharing my stories.

I follow some really interesting people myself, some of them influencers who does this for a living. My goal is to update ig and blog everyday but I just want to explain how busy I am and it is sometimes impossible for me to keep up. Yesterday for example... I get up around 7 am. Feed Cash, take her out, make breakfast and then get ready to go to work. I left my house 10 am yesterday and I was back home 1.30 in the morning. My job is a full time commitment but I put in more hours than 8 hours/day usually. I also have an entire house to take care of, we don't have a maid or any cleaning help currently. And as you know, I want to be a good wife and always put my husband first. Doing vlogs, editing pictures and keeping my ig interesting is very time consuming but I really try my best, I promise!

The more feedback I get from you the more motivated I am to put the extra work in here and make the effort even though I am very tired when I get home from work.

So again, I want to thank you for checking in here and following me on instagram!