I am very grateful to have a big park only 5 min away from our house and the beach 5 min the other way. I have never really been a gym person, I always prefer outdoors activity!

Celebrity chef David Burke invited me to his house for a cooking session, we had such a great time! I set the menu and we cooked Swedish!

We invested in a new Weber grill and BBQ'd the summer away!

Our backyard became our new oasis!

Violent black lives matter protests, looting and riots became an every day reality. People were scared to go out, Manhattan really turned in to a war zone and I stayed home baking, cooking and making cocktails as much as possible. Tyrone was in the streets 12 hours/day 7 days/week fighting these criminals who were out for blood.

I invited a group of Swedish people for Midsummer ( I had only met 1 of them before) and my man thought I was a bit crazy to invite 10 strangers to our house but it turned out great and we had such a fun time in our backyard!

I spent a big chunk of the summer in The Hamptons. One of the best things living in NYC according to me is that we have access to the summers out there. This year one of my best friends bought a house in The Hamptons and they renovated the entire house in just a month. I helped out by cooking for the staff and as you know that is one of the things I really love to do!

Cash also enjoys country living a lot. We swim and spend a lot of time outdoors-no leash in sight!

Rosie and Tessa came out east to spend some time with us!

Back to Manhattan again. In the city we spent a lot of time at Elsies rooftop!

In August we both went back to Sweden. I haven't had a summer back home in 4 years and I am very homesick. The day after i landed we invited friends and family to a pool party!

"Marre Maräng & Palle K-Pist" came dressed up in costume representing me as a Swede and T as an American:-)

My childhood friend Jenny is now a baker and she was kind enough to serve us a buffet of treats!

My uncle and one of my brothers

My uncle has a crush on Emelie ( a lot of guys do) :-)

My cousin Sussi came from Stockholm to visit us

When I am home I try to keep my parents and uncle active and bring them on some local adventures. I also like to support our local businesses so staying here in Söderköping is usually what we do!

We spent 1 night in Stockholm visiting friends!

I bought a drone and I bring it everywhere. Am still a rookie and need more practice for sure!

When I came back from Stockholm I decided to take my mom for a make-over!

Home sweet home. My feet in the Swedish soil and breathing fresh air in my mothers garden.

Methe came to visit me from Germany. This is a very important person in my life. She has loved me and been there for me since I was 2 years old. Back then she was my nanny but today she is my sister.

I returned to America end of August. Back to bouncing between The Hamptons and NYC.

The fall finally arrived! This year I have "summered' so much so I was really longing for colder weather. It is also my fav time of the year!

August is my busiest month of the year at work so coming back at the end meant LOTS of work piling up. I could seriously work 24/7 and still have tons to do. It is never ending but I really enjoy our industry and company.

I can not wait for all restaurants in NYC to open back up as normal again. When they do I will make another list of restaurants to visit for you guys!

This gold tournament at Donald Trump country Club in New Jersey was the last event I worked before....well continue to scroll and I will tell you....

Mama to be Rosie threw a fabulous baby shower!!!! She is such a beautiful mother. Due any day now so I am anxiously awaiting the call from her that baby has arrived! I have bet it is a boy!

These pictures are from my very last days in New York.

I have been feeling for a while that I am very homesick. I miss my family, i miss the lifestyle, the culture, the food, my friends, the nature, holidays and traditions.

At this point of my life priorities has changed and values might be different than they were 10 years ago. Time is very precious and currently I have 3 vacation weeks per year. Working for an American corporation that is definitely fair and square. So please don't get me wrong. My company has only done right by me but my point is that this set up is challenging for me with my life puzzle.

Since I have my family an ocean away it means that for me to attend birthdays, Christmas or even funerals I need to travel and use vacation days. Unlike any other (or many) Americans who can see their families on weekends or possibly even more often. So by the time I have seen my family for Christmas (the most important day of my year) and once more I am out of any time off until next year.

That means that vacation somewhere warm with my husband, ski trips with my brothers, long weekends with friends is just impossible for me. In this chapter of my life that is not an option anymore. I tell myself that I am in my best years still, no children yet and I have my health (knock on wood).

This is the time I should enjoy life, travel and create the memories I can look back on when I am old and grey. Life is not always and only about work, career and money.

The wheels are just spinning faster and faster. Time is running like sand through my fingers and at the same time we are suffering from a pandemic. My family and friends can't visit me and I have to travel long ways to see them.

In general I just feel like life isn't that much fun anymore. Nothing is fun anymore. Well, looking back at my chronicle here I do see fun moments but in the bigger picture I need to change something.

The day when i learned that my father has cancer gave me the push that I think I needed. I had no choice but to tell my bosses that I need to leave. I just had to go home. I need to be with my family. Everybody has been great with understanding, there are no hard feelings and I am possibly going back when things settle and I can return to NYC.

Since I have to fly direct with Cash the only option now is Copenhagen. Thank God I have Marie who is kind enough to pick me up and drive me all the way home! Not only that, she also cut my moms hair and fills our entire house with an amazing energy!

Every Christmas we do a family bake day! This year was just in a smaller scale since we want to respect the guidelines.

Nicoline invited me, Emelie and Gabriella for dinner out one night in Norrköping, we were the only guest there - perfect!

These pictures are taken in the little town Valdemarsvik where we currently live. It is such a cute little village especially in the summer!

Meet my current roommates!

This is my brother Magnus. We share the same father, my other siblings share the same mother with me.

We have a very special bond. Believe it or not but we have never had a fight.

He lives with his family on a big farm and we have so much fun there!

One of the highlights this winter has been Tyrones promotion. He works very hard and is such a go-getter! He has been promoted to Sergeant and I am VERY proud of him! Not only is he a provider and protector he is also the most understanding and caring man I could possibly wish for in times like these. I am away from him for quite some time and he supports me 100% and insists I am doing the right thing. Thank you for always being there for me!!!

Do you recognize the guy to the right?

Christmas 2020. We were not all together because of Covid but we made it work!

My brother Tomas ( "Totte")

My 3rd brother Anders ("Manne") and his family joined via zoom!

Cash and Flow turned 11 years old December 30th! We celebrated with their fav meatball-cake!

For Christmas I got a new camera that I am trying to learn. We took a family walk new years eve and I took some pictures in my hometown Söderkoping last week. This is my fav place in the entire world!

So the reason I am home is because my father is very sick. It all started with a broken appendix that then turned in to blood poisoning and then the doctors realized he had an aneurysm. That was a long and difficult surgery and my fathered suffered severe complications from that surgery (still is) They have also found 2 tumors but we are STILL waiting for test results. It has been MONTHS since we found this out and cancer treatment still hasn't started. I am NOT happy with the Swedish socialist healthcare system BUT we have met few very very helpful doctors.

As of today my dad is at Linköping's University Hospital in 2 surgeries related to complications from the aneurysm. It is a very scary time and I just hope he will be ok and at some point come back home. I will write more about this when I know more and when I have energy for it. We are all very stressed and tired from not knowing. We are worried out of our minds...

While I was home my brother Manne suddenly got cardiac arrest while playing "paddel". Out of the blue. He is young, active and has no prior heart issue. His heart just suddenly stopped. THANK GOD there were firefighters right there in the same facility who were able to give him CPR and bring him back to life. This was very dramatic and gave us yet another reminder that tomorrow is not promised.

Life is so fragile. Life is not for granted.

New years eve was just spent at home with my mom and uncle playing "Bingolotto" ( my new hobby) and solving crosswords. We ate a nice dinner but drank no champagne. We are going to celebrate NYE when my dad is back home. Then we have something to celebrate!

I always like to ring in the new year with a positive thought or an exciting outlook.I honestly don't feel that way now. I live in uncertainty, I am drowning in anxiety, I cry every day and night, I am scared and I do not know at all what is ahead of me. I don't even know if my family is intact tomorrow.

Trying to wear a smile when I can but on the inside I am shaking. I see no end to the pandemic, I am not in a place of satisfaction and again, I am scared.

But let's say this. At least there is a vaccine coming and we patiently have to wait to receive it. Then we shall see.

My new years resolution to myself is that I will not be in a position where I can't go home to my family when needed or wanted. I will give myself freedom and flexibility. I will put my family first, both my American and my Swedish family.

I will create memories. It might just be a night of playing cards in our living room or it might be a cruise in the Caribbean when restrictions allow. It does not matter.

Nothing matter but health. Health is the only wealth we need!




bra skrivet, fina bilder. love you


Great photos, so many fun times, hope you have many more dear Lina <3