Just a warning LOL, this will be a very long blog update! Probably the longest one ever so I have divided it in 2 parts!

Usually I am very excited to write my summary of the past year but 2020 was not great. Not for anyone I am guessing. I feel like a lot of time has been wasted, too many people lost their lives, many were suffering, riots, failing businesses and tons of loneliness. But let's start from the beginning!

It has kind of become a tradition now. If I am in NYC December 31st I am usually alone since my man works all holidays. So I ring in the new year at Kyma with my friends who work there. Sitting at the bar having dinner for 1 is something that might sound lonely for some of you but for me it is a comfort zone.

After Kyma I made it to Elsies rooftop to celebrate with Kanvar and Maggie!

Kanvars sweet parents

The week after I went on a trip I was looking forward to A LOT! Company trip to Mexico!!

First stop was Jalisco (town of tequila) and our distillery.

After a full day at the distillery we rode through the agave fields and this was def my highlight of this entire trip!

That night we had dinner under a big tree in the middle of the agave field. Such a memorable experience that i wish I could do again!

We then flew to Cabo San Lucas for another few days together. Conferences and a lot of fun in this warm paradise!

One of my fav co-workers Haley who runs Washington DC.

This is George Strait. We share the love and passion for Còdigo 1530 Tequila. He is one of our founding investors.

One night we played baseball, I don't remember who won but I can not imagine myself having anything to do with a winning sportsteam LOL

We played beer+tequila pong:-)

This is Fede, also one of our founders. One of the days they rented a big yacht for all of us. After the horseback riding through the agave fields this was the most fun activation!

What a trip, I will never forget! Very blessed and thankful to be included in this very talented family who makes our tequila the fastest growing in the world!

It is still January when I come back to NYC and life continued as normal. One of the firsts events I had 2020 was held at Guggenheims house on Long Island.

My grandma-in-law turned 80!!

One of the best dates we had in 2020 was axe-throwing in Brooklyn! I can def recommend that!

I spent a lot of time with Rosie and her husband Nick. Friends are the family you chose!

It was not long before I had to return to Sweden....

....for a very sad reason. We had a death in my family. My aunt passed away in January 2020.

We spent quality time outdoors with our dogs and I introduced my father to airbrush tanning! He is now hooked:-)

I was back in New York in February and the pandemic was just about to hit us. We were forced to accept a new lifestyle and wearing a mask is now the new normal. We spent months in quarantine and that was a new experience!

I have never before spent this much time watching movies and series. Here is a list of what I enjoyed the most on TV while quarantined:

  • Mindhunter (Netflix)
  • Ozark (Netflix)
  • Evil Genius (Netflix)
  • The Greenbook (Netflix)
  • The Surgeons Cut (Netflix)
  • Hereditary

We both tested positive for COVID 19 in March. Luckily we were able to power through it, a lot of people did not. For a few days I had difficulties breathing but other than that the loss of taste and smell was the most annoying!

Spring slowly arrived to New York and I spent a lot of time gardening. It was a new hobby I never enjoyed before! I planted flowers, strawberries, peppers, dill, thyme and tomatoes. I learned a few things along the way so I feel more confident about my garden bed for this spring!

This was the year when working from home is what most of us got used to and "Zoom calls" were used instead of meetings face to face.

I took an online class and earned my tequila certification!

Eventually we were allowed to move around outside and restaurants started to partially open up outdoors. Many were offering to-go solutions and it became evident how restless and socially thirsty us New Yorkers were!

Our fav restaurant "Lou Lou" opened and we drank the famous "bird cocktail (Mexican Stiletto) like fish! :-)

Tyrone's birthday is in April and this year I rented a fighter jet for him. The pilot took him for a wild spin in Mach 3. They flew upside down and made a lot of loops- I would NEVER want to experience a flight like that! I he was very excited though and I know he loved it:-)

After the flight I had planned a pic nic in Central Park and after that we had dinner at a secret location who opened up just for us that night (it was still not allowed with indoor dining). Nick and Rosie join us and we enjoyed a "night out"!

Being the market manager for 2 states means a lot of windshield-time in my car! I would say that I drive 3-9 hours every single day!

My birthday was May 22nd and this year we didn't really do much. I am obsessed with goats and got a goat-cake for breakfast! Ended up at our second "living room" Lou Lou:-)